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Windows XP nearing it’s end?

Windows XP is ever nearing it’s life. With new technology advances Windows 7 is becoming the favoured operating system of choice.
The countdown currently sits at 711 days (while i write this) which is just under 2 years until Microsoft stop providing support for the operating system which has so far had a shelf life longer than expected since it’s inception in 2003
Support is already in some way at an end with support for SP2 already ceased back in July 2010
I have to admit, i’m not a big fan of XP’s look & i also believe that Windows XP is nothing more than an advanced version of Windows 2000 on which it is based which in itself is a progression of Windows NT4 in many ways.
For me, so far Windows 2000 has always been the most stable & down to earth OS that Microsoft ever created & as XP was based on the windows 2000 model, it’s stands to reason this is why Microsoft supported it for 3 years or so longer than they perhaps were originally planning & why XP will of had a shelflife for 10 years before it is retired.
I do think though perhaps there will have to come a low spec version of Windows 7 or a bespoke OS for lower spec machines, simply because there are a lof of older systems still in use & a technology boom came about from the launch of netbooks, which came off the back of the £100 laptop scheme piloted to make IT affordable to everyone, the thing is though a lot of netbooks are not capable of running newer operating systems such as Vista or Windows 7, simply because the hardware was a lot lower spec, with the focus on large memory & less powerful CPU’s to keep costs down so many netbooks use single core processors. Operating systems such as Ubuntu or the eagerly awaited Google OS could be in contention otherwise in the £100 IT market.